A wide-ranging retrospective on a gaming classic that still has legs almost 30 years later

Life hasn’t been the most exciting lately. I love to travel, so naturally, the shutdown that brought 2020 to a halt has forced me to take up, well, less-preferred means of adventuring. One such method is to explore the open worlds of video games that were ideated before I was born.

This indie RPG takes the idea of rebuilding a decimated universe and turns it into a dungeon crawler that I can’t stop playing

While the title of this sophomore release from indie studio Four Quarters is appropriate, albeit bromide, I find it unfortunate that “Oblivion” is already a shopworn gaming trademark, because that is the word that keeps coming to mind as I loop my way closer and closer to 100 hours of game time.

Oblivion [uh-bliv-ee-uhn]: the state of being forgotten or completely unknown.

In Loop Hero, 2021’s unexpected gaming success story, you are tasked with two simple actions:

  1. walk around
  2. remember

Remember? Remember what? Without going too deep into the lore, Loop Hero presents a dystopian future where the world…

Joshua Luke Johnson

the only living boy in new york | currently searching for: the amulet of yendor and the meaning of life, in no particular order

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